Meet the Press

by Matt Hutaff

KC Mautner and Vritti Goel

KC Mautner ’12 and Vritti Goel ’12 may study international relations and biochemistry, respectively, but that doesn’t stop them from knowing a good news story when they see it.

Now in their second year as co-editors of the student-run newspaper, voice, Vritti and KC continue to expand the role of campus journalism in the lives of students. “We have a staff that includes 19 editors and managers and dozens of writers and photographers,” notes KC. “We are committed to covering the events, issues, and news important to the Scripps College community.”

“Each person who contributes to voice represents a part of the community and what it wants to know,” adds Vritti. “We are always looking for more issues of interest and unique perspectives from students, faculty, and staff.”

The newspaper is published biweekly during the academic year, excluding holidays and breaks. Recent articles run a wide gamut of topics, from coverage of the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award given to Scripps College Academy to editorials on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” from an interview with British performer Kate Nash to a write-up on the recent 5C Zombies v. Humans game. Each of the paper’s five sections — news, opinions, features, arts, and sports — offers plenty of diversity of content… and it’s all online, as well as in print.

This semester, voice has a new and redesigned website. Look for articles to arrive online shortly after their print publication.


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