Xiamen Musicians Revisit Campus

Xiamen musicians

For several years, Scripps has nurtured a special relationship with Xiamen University, located on a semitropical island in the Fujian Province of China, across from Taiwan. Both colleges have sponsored educational exchanges with one another — the most recent being Xiamen’s four-day visit to the Scripps campus in early February this year. During the summers of 2007 and 2008, faculty delegations from Scripps’ Music Department were in residence for two weeks each at Xiamen University, sharing musical instruction and performances with Chinese faculty and students.

This time, it was the Xiamen music faculty’s turn, with their second visit to Scripps College. At a gala concert in Garrison Theater, they performed, to a standing ovation, traditional Chinese music on ancient and modern instruments they had brought with them from China. Dr. Min Wang, professor of ethnomusicology, gave a public lecture on Nan Yin Music in the Boone Recital Hall.

A dinner for the Xiamen guests, hosted by Scripps’ President Fritz Weis and coordinated by Professor of Music Hao Huang, was held in the Founders Room at Honnold Library, and included Scripps music faculty and students, as well as faculty members and representatives from throughout The Claremont Colleges with expertise or interest in Chinese music, language, and culture. Highlighting an evening filled with toasts, translations, and gift exchanges were two impromptu musical performances by Xiamen faculty members: Liang Zhao playing a Xun (ancient clay flute), presented as a gift to President Weis, and senior composer Du Zhaozhi crooning a Mongolian folksong.


Above: Kitty Maryatt ’66, director of the Scripps College Press, presents an artists’ book to Dean of the Arts College at Xiamen University Su Li, far left, as President Fritz Weis and Xiamen Professor Min Wang look on.


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