Mr. and Mrs. Scripps

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

Fritz and Mary Weis

We’ve all known Mary for years. But Fritz? Wasn’t he that CMC guy, the one with the bowtie, the “accompanying spouse” at Scripps events? Until two years ago, that is.

Then, he answered the call to become interim president for a year, while the College did a national search for its 7th president. Somehow, one year became two.

It has been a great time. We’ve had the services of a dynamic duo that has served the College with dedication and hard work—and with enviable style and good cheer.

The Board of Trustees surprised Fritz (and Mary) with the following resolution at a dinner March 28. Now, Fritz will forever go down in the College’s records as the official 7th president of Scripps College. Congratulations, and well done!

Resolution Honoring Frederick “Fritz” Weis and naming him President of the College, 2007-08 and 2008-09


Frederick “Fritz” Weis was initially appointed Interim President of Scripps College for the period 2007-08; and

A highly regarded member of The Claremont Colleges community, he brought to this position a deep understanding of Scripps, the Claremont Consortium, and liberal arts education, and a strong background in finance, college administration, and teaching; and

He demonstrated his commitment to and affection for Scripps by responding to our call for his continued leadership, extending his appointment as Interim President for one additional year through 2008-09; and

With a keen understanding that Scripps could not lose momentum during this transitional period, he was instrumental in moving the College forward in key strategic areas. Among the significant accomplishments during his two years of service are the implementation of the Faculty Retention and Hiring Endowment Fund Program, completion of the Sallie Tiernan Field House, cultivating a major gift to increase critically needed student aid resources, and encouraging an improved sense of community on campus; and

Fritz Weis has always been a champion of the open process and demonstrated his commitment to this approach in all of his interactions with faculty, students, staff, and trustees, which earned him the respect and admiration of the College community; and

Scripps has benefited, in particular, from Fritz Weis’ conscientious and wise counsel in the area of business and finance; and

He was particularly successful in developing a strong rapport with students who helped him discover his “feminine side;” and

Individually and as a couple, Fritz Weis and his wife, Scripps alumna Mary Fraser Weis, Class of 1966, are models of unselfish devotion to the College, freely giving of their time and energies to friend raising, fundraising, and whatever else is in the best interest of the College.

Therefore, be it resolved:

That the Scripps Board of Trustees takes enormous pride in the leadership provided by Fritz Weis during an important transition time of the College. He served the College with generosity, wisdom, and exceptional sound judgment. Through his good efforts, Scripps is better positioned to move to new levels of achievement and national recognition. It is with gratitude that the Board confers the title of President of the College on Frederick M. Weis for the academic years 2007-2008 and 2008-2009.