Memories of Scripps

by Mary Beth Stewart Wedberg '39

Mary Beth Stewart WedbergI remember Eucalyptus Court, where I heard Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds”; the browsing room in Dorsey, where I heard on the radio the “Woman I Love” speech by King Edward VIII, on December 10, 1936; the dining room, where I waited tables; and the telephone alcove, where one manipulated the rubber cords into their respective slots to enable callers to connect.

The connecting hall with Browning and the kitchenette fostered avocado sandwiches some nights. The dances we had with one or other of the halls of Caltech — they had four and we had four. When we went there for a dance, our escort might playfully want to show off the “Ice Plant” — which turned out not to be a building, but groundcover.

The Sunday night gathering at the Darrs’ for cocoa and listening to One Man’s Family on the radio; walking down to classes at Pomona in early morning through the mist, and the sweet smell of orange blossoms. I took many science courses at Pomona, which led to a BS degree, and graduate school at Yale, where I met my husband.

I came to Scripps from Colorado Springs because of the girl next door who was attending Pomona. My mother and I went to see Pomona College in 1931; we were favorably impressed, but the woman who showed us around said that there was a “new college up the road” and that we should go see it. So we did — and that was Scripps! After one year at Colorado College, I transferred to Scripps.

Special holidays, decorations at Christmas, the lawn parties, where we wore long dresses, glee club practice on Balch Stage, humanities classes, and the “study outline” we made on our lap boards — I wish I had not erased mine.

Scripps is dear to my memory and will always be.


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