Sisterhood – the best!

by Becky Barber Adams '61

My sister has been my best friend all of my life. Our personalities are different, yet sympatico. I am the eldest, and, as is typical, the more serious, shy, and quiet. Ann is smart, outgoing, and fun. Our mother used to say, “I wish I could shake you two in a bottle,” but maybe we get along so well because we admire and like the differences we see in the other.

Since I left home in Colorado to go to Scripps, Ann and I haven’t lived near each other. She lives in Ohio, but we have remained close by telephoning or writing — emailing is great because we don’t have to worry about the time difference. We have also been fortunate to have lots of visits. We have never spent a Christmas apart in our whole lives. We used to take our families to Colorado for Christmas, and then when our parents could no longer host us, we went to Ohio or Ann’s family came to California. Santa Barbara has been the preferred location for Christmas vacations the past 11 years.

I planned the spacing of my children to be the same as Ann’s, figuring that was the magic formula. It worked for our daughters, who are close friends, even though one lives in California and one in Ohio. Ann’s sons are the same spacing and they, too, are good friends even though one lives in Ohio and one in Calif. Not sure what the California/Ohio deal is! From observation, however, I am well aware that there is no magic formula, just good fortune to have a wonderful sister. (I am also blessed to have two wonderful sisters-in-law.)

As time marches on, I am even more grateful for someone who has known me so well and shared so many experiences.

Sisterhood — it is the best!


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