Scripps and Sisterhood

by Heather Galvin '98

The topics of Scripps and sisterhood are deeply intertwined for me. I have one sister, one sibling, and because we have a number of years between us, there was only a short time when we got to live together at home. Being the little one, I both idolized and tormented my sister, who had so many neat things and who could do everything so amazingly well. When I was seven years old, it was already time for her to go off to college. My grandmother and my mom packed all of my sister’s things into the car and left one small hole for me to squeeze into in the back. I had my feet on a suitcase and my sister’s teddy bear in my lap. My sister rode with her Pomona-bound friend in an equally stuffed car. It was a memorable road trip from Seattle down to Scripps.

I remember her room in Grace Hall and eating ice cream from the cafeteria. I also remember her graduation, complete with green gowns and buffets on the lawn. At that time, I was too young to even be thinking about where I would go to college. Little did I know!

California suited my sister, and after graduation, she settled into life in L.A. Not having her in Seattle meant not seeing her as much as we all wanted to. So when it came time for me to choose a college, my sister played a big part. The college choice narrowed down to two schools. I made a pro-and-con list for each. In addition to the many attributes of Scripps, time with my sister kept appearing on the pro list. In the end, it was the deciding factor.

My sister is such an amazing woman. She is funny and uplift ing and always having adventures and looking for the positive in life. She never gives up, and she is always there for me! Living away from home wasn’t easy for me at first, but knowing that my sister was within driving distance made it so much better. There were plenty of phone conversations with her that helped me get through the tough times. And, as I had hoped, I got to visit her on breaks, she visited me, and she was always there to see my theatre and dance performances. Later on, when I had friends with a car, we took a trip into L.A. to see my sister in a comedy show. What fun it was, and what a laugh when her co-actor joked about my name, and she put him in his place with “Hey! That’s my sister!” If I hadn’t gone to Scripps, I would have missed out on all that extra time with her, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Now that we are both alums and the years are quickly going by, there’s one more thing that I’m grateful for. Because of our mother’s superb timing, our age difference now has a new benefit. Every time I have a Scripps reunion, my sister does too! And there isn’t anyone I would rather go back to Scripps with than my wonderful sister, Heidi Godt ’88!


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