Sallie Tiernan Field House Opens Fall 2008

by Whitney Eriksen '09

Sallie Tiernan Field House

When I found out during my first year that Scripps was going to build a new recreation and athletic facility, my reaction was “Finally!” Despite the near-range plans, I assumed it was one of those projects; you know the type: great idea, perfect timing, never going to happen in my (college) lifetime.

But then, during my sophomore year, the College broke ground on the Sallie Tiernan Field House and started construction. The trade-off for not being able to immediately work out in this state-of-the-art facility was being able to watch it grow. Every other day or so, I got to turn my head to the east and see another tidbit added. First, another wall was up, followed by the red tiles delivered for the roof, and most recently, the classic white paint, which makes it more beautiful, and more fitting at Scripps, than ever.

After touring the facility mid-June, I’ve found that it goes a long way in taking students’ needs and desires into consideration, while maintaining classic Scripps beauty and function. From the bamboo flooring (a more renewable source than hardwood), remote-controlled lighting to limit energy waste, to the soccer/lacrosse field on top of a 230-space parking garage, the new complex is the most “green” of any college building I’ve ever seen.

As I walked into the main entrance, the first thing that struck me was the incredible use of natural light. The atrium was washed in the California sunlight, and its height of two stories draws your eyes upward to the piano nobile and second story, which hold the team and yoga rooms and cardio and weight rooms, respectively.

For the athletically inclined, and even those who aren’t, upstairs is where most of the action will be. Two cardio rooms and a weight room, each slightly bigger than the previous cardio room and all outfitted with a plethora of electrical sockets and cable connections that allow for any combination of equipment set-ups, will house new state-of-the-art equipment. This will allow “Scrippsies” and other users to watch cable TV on their cardio equipment while working out. The landing overlooking the atrium will hold several bikes, so when you’re putting pedal to the metal, you can enjoy a view of the east-west all


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