Kathryn, My Other Half

by Elizabeth Franklin '02

My name is Elizabeth, and I am one half of a whole. My other half is my identical twin sister, Kathryn. Technically, I could say I have a younger sister because I was born two minutes before her. Kathryn is quick to mention that in many Asian cultures, the child born second is really the oldest and wisest because they let the other baby go first.

When we were born, I was “Baby A” and she was “Baby B.” Our mom and dad thought long and hard about what to name us. Our parents wanted us to have regal names, so they chose the names of queens: Elizabeth of England and Kathryn of Russia.

When we were very little, our mom and dad asked us what it was like to be sisters in our mom’s tummy. I don’t think they expected the answer they got. We them we lived in separate apartments. Kathryn lived right next door to me. Then one day, there was an earthquake that destroyed Kathryn’s I opened my door to her, she moved in, and we spent the rest of the time in our mommy’s tummy together. I know most people don’t remember time spent in the womb, but the day Kathryn moved over to my apartment is a vivid memory for me. I think she even had a tiny suitcase… but I might have added that detail over time.

I can’t imagine my time on this earth without my sister. During our 26 trips around the sun we have been best friends and confidants. People wonder why I always wanted to do what Kathryn did. The main reason is that whenever I did something by myself it felt like I was having half the fun I could have had. With Kathryn by my side, things are funnier and more enjoyable.

Growing up, we both played the piano and clarinet, loved Girl Scouts, read the same books, and had the same friends. Even today, my friends are her friends and her friends are my friends. We both chose to go to Scripps and majored in American studies. We graduated from the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law, worked for the Public Defender’s Office, and both want to do trial work.

We know that there will be a day when a job, or marriage, or some other great opportunity will come along and we will want to go our separate ways. But it will always be a priority in our lives to see each other oft en and talk on the phone every day (probably more than once). Until then, we are enjoying each other’s company. Wherever our futures take us, I will always have Kathryn in my life.

Luckily, I was born with a sister who is my best friend. And to think, it all happened on a fateful day over 26 years ago when an earthquake sent Kathryn packing and she moved in with me.


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