Five Fulbrights!

by Matt Hutaff

FulbrightsThis year, the State Department Fulbright Scholar Program places Scripps students on three different continents. With one in Europe, one in South America, and three throughout Asia, Scripps College has achieved another milestone: a record number of Fulbright Scholars.

What will they do? Hannah Alberts ’08 will spend a year in a university in Russia as an English teaching assistant, followed by a summer project in a language camp sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Russia; Ivy McDaniel ’08 will travel to Bergen, Norway, for a 10-month appointment to do research at the Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology; Laura McPherson ’08 will do linguistic fieldwork on the little known Tommo-So language spoken in the Dogon region of Mali; Mikaela Rodriguez ’08 will travel to Indonesia to teach high school students English by utilizing a dynamic, full-immersion methodology and will engage in community building ecological projects; and Jennifer Goodward ’06 will focus on economics in Brazil.

In addition, Clare Cannon ’08 has been designated an alternate for a biology project in Malaysia.

Faculty also pitched in to help Scripps students achieve this impressive goal. Professors Thierry Boucquey and Kim Drake enlisted the aid of Dean of Faculty Cecilia Conrad and visiting lecturer Rosanne Simeroth to advise, organize workshops, and facilitate the application process. The end result is both exciting nationally as well as further proof of the close relationship students have with faculty.


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