Faculty Achievements: the Sciences

  • Biology professor Melissa Coleman published her article, “Thalamic gating of auditory responses in telencephalic song control nuclei,” in the Journal of Neuroscience in September of 2007.
  • Chemistry professor Mary Hatcher-Skeers will soon be publishing her article “31P NMR investigation of backbone dynamics in DNA binding sites” in the Journal of Physical Chemistry in association with Michael Kayatta (CMC ’06), Katharine Shultis ’07, Alejandro Gonzalez (CMC ’06), Leonard J. Mueller, and Ye Tian.
  • Physics professor Adam Landsberg published his article “Nonlinear dynamics in combinatorial games: Renormalizing Chomp,” in Chaos this past year. Landsberg also published “Scaling, Renormalization, and Universality in Combinatoria Games,” in Combinatorial Optimization and Applications.
  • Biology professor Don McFarlane’s article “Pleistocene depositional history in a periglacial terrane: A 500ka record from Kents Cavern, Devon, United Kingdom” was published in the journal Geosphere with J. Lundberg. He also received a Mellon Cluster Grant for his project “Putting Inter-College Undergraduate Research Affiliations on the Map: A Firestone Reserve Workshop.”
  • John Milton, the William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Computational Neuroscience, published “Why did Casey strike out? The neuroscience of hitting,” with S. L. Small and A. Solodkin in the book Your Brain on Cubs: Inside the heads of players and fans, edited by D. Gordon.
  • Chemistry professor Kathleen Purvis-Roberts’ article “Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Mapping of Environmental Samples Across a College Campus,” was published in The Journal of Chemical Education with other Joint Science professors Harriet P. Moeur and Andrew Zanella.
  • David Sadava, Pritzker Family Foundation Professor of Biology in the Joint Science Department, published the 8th edition of Life: The Science of Biology, of which he is co-author. Sadava also published two articles in 2007 regarding lung-cancer cells in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.
  • Chemistry professor Burke Scott Williams published an article in the Journal of the American Chemical Society in 2007, in association with Brian Madison (CMC ’06), Summer Thyme ’05, and Sarah Keene ’06. Professor Williams also received a grant totaling just under $150,000 from the National Science Foundation for his project “IONiC: A Cyber-Enabled Community of Practice for Improving Inorganic Chemical Education.”
  • Biology professor Emily Wiley published “A class II HDAC deacetylates newly-synthesized histones in Tetrahymena” in association with Scripps alumna Sharon Torigoe ’07, Julia Maxson ’05, and Lisa Fish ’06 and “Class I histone deacetylase Thd1p promotes global chromatin condensation in Tetrahymena thermophila” in association with alumnae Maxson and Alissa Mooney ’04 in the journal Eukaryotic Cell. She also edited the book Current Protocols: Essential Laboratory Techniques with S.R. Gallagher, which included an article by Wiley and D. Chakravarti.Wiley received funding in her NSF grant to sponsor a campus workshop that will teach participants how to integrate functional genomics research into their molecular and cell biology classroom laboratories.


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