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A Biologist Looks at Intelligent Design

What links bacterial flaggelum, Oxytocin, and romantic prairie voles?

by David Sadava, Pritzker Family Foundation Professor of Biology, Joint Science Department

Doing Science Well

Why are increasing numbers of Scripps women pursuing science? What's going on?

by Margaret Nilsson

Faculty Achievements: the Sciences

Scripps science faculty have amassed an impressive array of published works in the past year.

Passionate Problem-solvers

From capturing and examining Black Widow spiders to mixing up a batch of fly food, Scripps young scientists are eager and ready to tackle the big issues of the day and make their mark.

by Margaret Nilsson

Sorry, Men, the Gender Equity Problem in Science is Not Solved

Gender discrimination is alive and well in science says a 10-year veteran of teaching chemistry at Scripps. What are Scripps and Scripps women doing about it?

by Mary Hatcher-Skeers

Post Scripps

From Molecules to Mice

My desire to resolve my religious conflicts and delve into the animal model is driven by my own curiosity to understand how my molecular findings translate to the complex system that is a whole animal.

by Anita K. Iyer '01, PhD

Alumnae Speak

“Meet in the Dirt”

How can I sum up a sisterhood with a group of women that was formed nine years ago and that continues to flourish today?

by Kathyrn Franklin '02

Kathryn, My Other Half

My name is Elizabeth, and I am one half of a whole.

by Elizabeth Franklin '02

My Little Sister

With distance and each of our marriages, we grew apart again. I always thought, "She is my little sister. There is time to regain closeness." I read research on siblings caring for each other as they aged. And then, before our gap mended, she died.

by Ann Reardon Mullis '72

Scripps and Sisterhood

I have one sister, one sibling, and because we have a number of years between us, there was only a short time when we got to live together at home. Being the little one, I both idolized and tormented my sister.

by Heather Galvin '98

Sisterhood – the best!

Our mother used to say, "I wish I could shake you two in a bottle," but maybe we get along so well because we admire and like the differences we see in the other.

by Becky Barber Adams '61

The Bebop Sisters

There we were, Martha and Linda, sisters, bebopping down the Newport Freeway in Linda's "Blue Bubble," the name we gave to her midnight blue '59 Ford. It was 1960, and we were the California girls, man, feelin' groovy.

by Martha Heimdahl Slavin '67

The Bravest Woman I Know

Katie immediately agreed to come when we invited her to join us as our doula. A doula is a birth coach and expert, but Katie, as per usual, pushes that envelope and is so much more.

by Jenny Wise Weich '96

From the President

Letter from the President, August 2008

When I came to Scripps just one year ago to begin serving as interim president, I had some idea of what to expect: supportive alumnae and parents, dedicated faculty and staff, committed trustees, and absolutely outstanding students. I shouldn't have been surprised.

by Frederick M. "Fritz" Weis

Browsing Room

A new director for Scripps College Academy

Kelly Hewitt '08 has been named director of Scripps College Academy (SCA), replacing director Sylvia Ruiz '05, who begins a doctoral program in higher education and organization change at UCLA this fall.

Five Fulbrights!

This year, the State Department Fulbright Scholar Program places Scripps students on three different continents. With one in Europe, one in South America, and three throughout Asia, Scripps College has achieved another milestone: a record number of Fulbright Scholars.

by Matt Hutaff

Michael and C. Jane Hurley Wilson make visionary gifts

The College honored C. Jane Hurley Wilson '64 and Michael G. Wilson for their visionary and multi-faceted gift s to Scripps College at a dinner on May 1 in the Hampton Room of the Malott Commons.

Presidents, 36 years apart

Last April, Lynne Thompson '72 and Ashley Peters '08, the first and second African-American Scripps student body presidents, respectively, discussed their presidencies and the campus environment and political climate surrounding each.

Prof of the Year

"Tony Crowley is a complete inspiration," said one student. "I am unquestionably a better student, and a better thinker, because of him."

by Matt Hutaff

Sallie Tiernan Field House Opens Fall 2008

You can bet that the moment before it opens its doors, I will be outside in my tennie-runners, bubbling over with energy to burn at our brand new Field House.

by Whitney Eriksen '09

Samella Lewis Contemporary Art Collection

Members of the advisory committee for the Samella Lewis contemporary art collection met in March 2008 as part of their twice-annual collaboration to consider proposed donations to the collection and to make recommendations to the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery's advisory council.

Scripps students gain global knowledge through the EU Center at Scripps

Elizabeth DeGori and Lauren Sims are among four Scripps students studying EU affairs in Europe this summer with the support of the EU Center.

Student Honors

Scripps students garnered prestigious scholarships and competitive national awards this spring to further their studies and provide research opportunities abroad.

by Matt Hutaff

The Claremont Colleges Travel to Asia

This spring, a delegation from The Claremont Colleges visited Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing to meet with alumni and parents, as well as key government and academic leaders in the region.

Editor's Page

Everything possible

The elms will grow; grass, too. As has Scripps, as have students and alumnae, as have all of us who live or work here. The possibilities are endless.

by Mary Bartlett