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College Plans Special Celebrations for Elm Tree Lawn

Scripps' 70-year-old elms have been the center of many College celebrations through the years. They will be the theme of several more this spring as the Scripps community says goodbye to the beloved elms before Scripps renews Elm Tree Lawn this summer.

Dance in Motion

Through its small size and liberal arts college setting, the Scripps dance department offers students a unique opportunity to explore different intellectual and stylistic elements of dance.

by Claire McNamara '09

Early Dancers

Alumnae from the Scripps dance program praise the strong liberal arts education they received along with the great physical and creative benefits of dance.

Elm Tree Lawn Begins New Life

One special place of beauty on the Scripps campus is Elm Tree Lawn, 18 paired American elms that form a majestic allée on the south side of campus.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

How Shall We Dance?

The students' dedication to dance is inspired by the quality of the instruction. Professors Ronnie Brosterman and Gail Abrams have learned from necessity to do a lot with a little. Their commitment to the Scripps dance program deserves medals.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

Music: A Language Unto Itself

Scripps music faculty set the stage for a long-term intercultural and educational exchange with Xiamen University.

by Rachael Warecki '08

Senior’s Thesis Indicates Sex Stereotypes Prevail Among Children

Sex-role stereotypes still dominate the career ambitions of young children, according to the senior thesis research of recent Scripps graduate Cynthia Allison. Interviews with 141 kindergarten students-ranging in age from four to six and about evenly divided between girls and boys-revealed that most of them favored occupations that are considered traditional for the individual's gender.

by Mali Peruma Davidson

Post Scripps

Seeking a Life of Passion and Purpose

Living a life of passion. Having a purpose. Being fulfilled. As I contemplated my life in my mid-tolate 30s, these were the critical elements I sought. I was determined to live a life of no regrets and to appreciate every day as if it were my last.

by Bridget Farrell Belden

Editor's Page

Romancing the Tree

Right after Commencement, starting mid-May, the College will remove the ailing elms and replace them with sturdy, disease-resistant 25-foot saplings.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

Alumnae Speak

Her Fame Also Rises

Eli Winkelman's Challah for Hunger story is gaining fame around the world. In former President Bill Clinton's recent book, "Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World," he describes how Winkleman's program is making a difference "one loaf at a time."

What Not to Wear

Hidden cameras secretly followed Sheaffer Lapham '03 for two weeks last year for the TV show "What Not to Wear" on The Learning Channel.

Browsing Room

All the Campus’s a Stage

Holden Court, at the entrance to the Malott Commons, has seen its share of intimate conversations, but few as landmark as Romeo and Juliet's. It was just another day at the office for the Spontaneous Shakespeare troupe, whose actors are dedicated to bringing the fun of performance off the stage and into the community.

Interactive Chemistry

Burke Scott Williams sits behind a blast shield, watching a plume of thick, acrid smoke rise from a beaker.

Let’s Sleep on it

Gayle Greene, professor of English at Scripps, took a break from the world of memoir and Shakespeare to write a tale of personal experience.

Life After Scripps Looks Bright for Seniors

Scripps' Career Planning & Resources reports at least 15 students from the class of 2008 have already received job offers or been accepted to graduate schools, as of March 1.

Opening a Door to Dance

Making use of the freedom and encouragement the Scripps dance department has given her, Sydney recently tackled a project more involved than the average senior dance thesis.

by Claire McNamara '09

Science is more than academic for Academy student

In October 2007, the fires that devastated Southern California began to affect the family of a Scripps College Academy high school student in Professor Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert's Saturday science class. When the student learned the family's water supply was in question, she applied what she'd learned in class about different types of bacteria to analyze her home's water supply. She discovered both the water inside and outside the house were contaminated with the bacteria E. coli.

She Gives Activism New Meaning

When people think of student activism, they often envision heated discussions and sit-ins protesting the administration. For senior Ashley Peters, student activism has a different meaning.

Small Bowl with a Big Story

A small porcelain bowl was recently given to Scripps College by Anthony Elias and Patricia Lords Ghosn, of Upland, Calif., and the Worldbridge Foundation.

The Future of Human Nature

This spring, the Humanities Institute focuses on the big issues of biotechnology and human evolution.

by Rachael Warecki '08

We Are What We Eat

A new Core II class "We Are What We Eat" encourages students to take positive action as they learn about their role as consumers.