Profile: Nancy Neiman Auerbach

by Matt Hutaff

“Nancy Neiman Auerbach encourages innovative thinking,” says Ayesha Hashim ’07, of her senior thesis advisor. “I am from Bangkok, Thailand, so I proposed the idea of researching Thailand’s tsunami recovery efforts and how they have affected the livelihood of small-scale fishermen and women. Professor Neiman Auerbach assisted me with my research proposal and guided my research throughout the summer.”

No wonder Neiman Auerbach is one of the most sought after thesis advisors at Scripps. Known for both her passion towards research and her friendly and engaging demeanor, she advises dozens of seniors while they research and produce their unique theses prior to graduation. Ayesha, a winner of the Martha Wehmeier Hammer ’66 Scholarship for outstanding work in the Core Curriculum, selected Neiman Auerbach because of their shared dedication to dynamic styles of learning.

“She encouraged me to apply for the Freeman Asian Political Economy research grant, one that would fund my expenses for an independent research project in the summer,” Ayesha explains. “The idea was that I could get a jump start on my thesis research, as well as incorporate primary sources into my project.

“We communicate through e-mail,” Ayesha continues, as this semester the project becomes more of an independent endeavor for Scripps seniors. After completing her rough draft, she hopes to schedule weekly meetings with Neiman Auerbach to revise it.”

The two met in the classroom—Ayesha believes she’s taken more classes with Neiman Auerbach than with any other Scripps professor. “Over the years, I have really come to admire her passion for research and the success of her students.

“She is a role model for me in so many ways,” Ayesha concludes. “I respect her integrity, intelligence, and compassion, as well as the larger community she serves through her research and expertise in education.”


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