Dream Catchers: Kara Guillory

Kara Guillory is passionate about learning, leading, and living.

A psychology major at Scripps, she was so accomplished that she was accepted into masters’ programs in elementary education at all 12 colleges where she applied. The schools were among the nation’s finest, including UCLA, USC, UPenn, Brown, Tufts, Boston University, and Boston College. With these tough choices, Boston College made her an offer she couldn’t refuse: full tuition scholarship plus a generous housing stipend.

Her dream one day is to be a principal and start an educational non-profit organization. “I’m committed to a lifetime of educating and being educated,” she says.

When she becomes a principal, she can look back on her days when her leadership brought new life to Wanawake Weusi, the black student organization at Scripps (see full story on p. 26). The Samella Lewis Scholar in 2006-07, she was also a project coordinator for Professor Sheila Walker and student tutor for Professor Amy Marcus Newhall’s social psychology laboratory course.

“Here I was, identified and handpicked by these professors because they knew me well, and knew of both my talents and passions in life,” she says. “After working so closely with both professors, it was confirmed that education was the field I wanted to commit myself to for a lifetime.”