Dream Catchers: Elizabeth Gallagher

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

“One of the most important and influential aspects of my Scripps experience has been the encouragement I have had to follow my passions,” says Liz Gallagher, who graduated summa cum laude in May.

One was Irish traditional dancing. Liz took a year off from her studies to dance in international competition, including the world championships, with full support from her professors and from the dean of students. She has qualified for the championships five times since her senior year in high school. Another was journalism, which is still a strong interest.

“Someday, I’d love to write for The Economist,” she says. But her focus now is at Oxford, where she is in a master’s program with a focus Irish literature and Irish studies on a Jack Kent Cooke Foundation full scholarship.

She’s not giving up on dancing, either. “I’m not sure how I will juggle graduate studies and practicing,” she admits.

“Since I have had the support and the ability to do all these things,” she says, “I have been able to discover the things I really love. Now, I am starting to learn where my abilities and my hopes lie.”