Dream Catchers: Danielle LeFevre

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

Danielle LeFevre says she’s felt like an adult since she was sixteen. But feeling like an adult didn’t mean understanding her role in the world, or her role as a woman.

Four years at Scripps changed that. “Being an adult does not mean you understand exactly who you are and what you’re doing,” she adds. “Becoming a woman at Scripps has helped define that path for me.”

At Scripps, Danielle started the Women in Business club and also honed her skills at a Stanford summer program in business for select undergraduates.

“I have learned the most from my peers,” she says. “The women who choose to attend Scripps each have an amazing story when they get here and continue to build upon it. Our conversations have marked some of the greatest turning points in my journey from a young girl to a woman.”

This fall, Danielle starts a two-year master’s program in creative writing at Chapman University in Orange, Calif.