Dream Catchers: Abby Armstrong

by Matt Hutaff

Abby Armstrong likes spontaneity. When she ran for president of Scripps Associated Students in 2006, it was a decision made over breakfast one week before elections. Now looking forward to life as a graduate, what’s she done? Moved to Northern California—Berkeley, to be precise—just for the heck of it.

“We’ll see what happens,” she says. “I’ve been looking at non-profits, specifically ones dealing with urban policy, immigration, and education, how I can make them more equitable and affordable.

“Either that, or law school,” she adds with a smile.

For friends of Abby, her desire to help the underserved is no surprise. During her tenure at Scripps, Abby was actively involved in both campus-wide and national issues, from studio space for the Dance Department to racism and global hegemony. She also worked for several years with the Queer/Straight Alliance securing greater resources and access for Claremont students.

And when she had a free moment, she captained the Ultimate Frisbee team.

“I hope to keep pushing people, because then maybe we will make a small growth in a direction I like,” she says. “I think it’s important to keep our voice and make sure it’s heard from both student and alumna perspectives.”

Abby’s voice will continue to resonate with the Scripps student body.

For even though she considers her work meaningful, it’s the work yet to come that will have the most impact.

“We’ve taken preliminary steps,” she says, “but just recognizing there are things to do affects and encourages me to do more.”