Women of Scripps Foil Zombie Attack

by Matt Hutaff

Zombies - at Scripps?When the world falls prey to a rampaging horde of the undead, where does civilization make its best-known stand? Scripps College, naturally.

World War Z, Max Brooks’ satirical novel portraying a hypothetical present-day zombie invasion, places Scripps at the forefront of a Spartan “Battle of the Five Colleges.” Three hundred students from the five Claremont Colleges stand their ground against the rising tide of violence, refusing to submit to a world overrun by Night of the Living Dead rejects.

“They turned the women’s college at Scripps into something resembling a medieval city,” he writes.

“They planted gardens, dug wells, fortified an already existing wall. While the mountains burned behind them, and the surrounding suburbs descended into violence, those three hundred kids held off ten thousand zombies! Ten thousand, over the course of four months, until the Inland Empire could finally be pacified.”

While Claremont students rallying together in common cause isn’t particularly newsworthy, context makes this a fun read. Even in the face of unimaginable danger, the 5Cs help one another. And they’re led by a Scripps woman.

“The kids were hard at work— sharpening weapons, reinforcing defenses, standing guard on the walls and towers. A song came floating across the campus from the loudspeaker that played constant music to keep morale up. A Scripps student, with a voice like an angel, was singing.

“It was such a beautiful rendition, and such a contrast with the raging storm about to hit….I still get choked up when I hear it.”

Was she singing Thy Many Gifts? Only Brooks knows. One thing’s for sure, how- ever: single-handedly keeping Claremont zombie-free looks good in recruitment literature!

Brad Pitt’s Plan B is set to produce the film version of the novel with Paramount Pictures. But will he film at Scripps? Stay tuned.