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A Visit With Ellen

Ellen Clark Revelle, a great-niece of Ellen Browning Scripps, was one of 52 women in Scripps' first entering class. At 95, Ellen has only recently given up her lifelong habit of a daily swim (in the ocean in summer). We join her for lunch in January at her home in La Jolla to reminisce about Scripps and find out how she views the College today from her singular vantage point.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

Being Cher

Sandra Wood, the stage name for Sandra Fettes '76, almost makes Cher seem the impersonator. Even before opening her mouth.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

Belly Boss

Leslie Sagalowicz '94 is a self-proclaimed belly boss who, with co-belly boss, Meredith Lincoln, set out to develop a delicious, healthy, and convenient alternative to the prenatal vitamin supplement.

by Pauline Nash

Deployment to KFOR

When I was a sophomore ast Scripps, in 1996, I decided I needed to find an autonomous way to fund and finish my education. So, I withdrew and enlisted in the Army. I sometimes wonder where I would be today and how my life would be different had I not made that decision.

by Carla Webster '99

Legal Matters

There's a first time for everything. No one knows that better than lawyer Barbara Arnwine '73. She is the first African-American woman to serve as executive director of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, a non-profit, non-partisan legal organization dedicated to protecting civil rights.

by Lindsey Galloway '07

The Dreamer

As a grad student at Harvard six years ago, Karen Tse drafted a business plan for an impossible dream: She wanted to form a charity to push defendant rights in China, a booming market where political enemies are thrown in jail and suspects are urged to confess to avoid a beating.

by Robyn Meredith


SASsy Women

Now, we are all "SAS-sy," a cute nickname that has caught on. I believe one of the reasons we have been so successful this year is because of our new name and our advertisement of it.

by Alison Omens '06

Self-Defined, Self-Designed

My major is the definition of interdisciplinary—combining psychology, sociology, anthropology, studio art and art history, linguistics, writing, cultural studies, media studies, politics, and journalism.

by Kate Lindsay '06

Post Scripps


Since August 2005, I have been serving in AmeriCorps VISTA as director of communications at ONABEN, a nonprofit organization that provides training and technical assistance to Native American entrepreneurs.

by Jung Fitzpatrick '01

Alumnae Speak

A Passion for Equality

As I adjusted to the pace and temperament of the "real world," I began to wonder if my Scripps experience was at best a fantasy or at worst artificial. But then, in 1996, I found some sanity, or at least a company that gave me hope that my Scripps life could be a reality.

by Penelope Willard Mudry '92

A Rare Breed

After Scripps, I expected professional women to embrace my educational foundation, helping to foster my confidence in confronting a "man's world." The students at Scripps were competitive, but there was an overall sense of support that made the competition healthy.

by Melinda White '91

Always a Friend: Never a Foe

Every time I look into another woman's eyes, I see her soul. Each of us reflects love or fear, especially to another woman. Foes are only foes out of fear; female friends are forever.

by Nina Rosoff '65

Sabotaged – but Why?

I am still glad that I made the choice to stand up for myself. I know that someone else might have made a different choice and kept the job, but, for me, it was more important to keep my sense of self-worth.

by Robyn Terrell Widmer '00

Up Front and Personal

I have never mentioned the situation to anyone until this article, which could give the reader ideas to adapt to her own situation.

by Norma Blair Gilmore '47

WISE Women

Even though I no longer live in Houston, I stay in touch with women I met through our chapter there and correspond with them frequently for their input on various work-related issues. It's these types of professional connections that are fruitful and lasting.

by Amelia Irion Drnec '93

Browsing Room

Into the Woods

Take a cast of 21, a 15-piece orchestra, and a crew of 25. Add two complete scene changes, several hundred lighting cues, two remote-controlled animals, and an intricate, fast-paced script. What do you have? The five-college theater department's production of "Into the Woods."

The Future of Scripps

As announced by President Nancy Y. Bekavac last summer, the College is engaging in a massive strategic planning effort—the third such effort in the past 15 years. Steering committees and working groups are meeting regularly to work on major issues that will affect the College in the years ahead.

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Don’t Read This

Once again, some of our best writing is often done by alumnae, this time on the trials, tribulations, and joys of working with other women.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett