Scripps Students Show the Write Stuff

In its inaugural year, the Pitzer Prize for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry drew more than 125 submissions from students of the five Claremont Colleges, and Scripps students captured first place awards in both fiction and nonfiction.

The Pitzer Prizes were given in spring 2006 under the auspices of the Center for Writing, housed at Pitzer College, with more than $1,000 distributed to winners in all categories.

Chloe Leinwand ’06 and Lauren Sutter ’07 shared top honors in the fiction category, while junior Lindsey Galloway’s “In Sane Moments” was the nonfiction winner.

Lindsey’s essay centers on a daughter’s attempt, through acting, to evade her mother’s descent into mental illness. Ultimately, the daughter’s stage role of a woman losing her mind forces her to connect with her mother. Chloe’s story “Being” portrays the difficult decisions of an unwed mother, while Lauren’s “Letters from Iraq” uses the 19th-century literary form of interlocking letters to illustrate several viewpoints on the crisis in Iraq today. To read the award-winning a fiction, visit