A Throw of the Dice

January 16-March 9, 2007

Scripps College’s Clark Humanities Museum is restaging and expanding an exhibition on the relationship between image and text to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Scripps College Press. A Throw of the Dice:Variations on Mallarmé’s Visual Poem first appeared as A Throw of the Dice: Artists Inspired by a Visual Text, at the University of California-Irvine Langson Library in 2003-04. Partially underwritten by a generous gift from former Scripps trustee MaryLou Boone and George Boone, the exhibition also honors co-curators Renée Riese Hubert, who died in 2005,and Judd D. Hubert, both of whom published prolifically on image-text inquiry and who were instrumental in establishing it as a field of scholarly investigation. The exhibition fits within a distinguished Scripps tradition of events related to the book arts, as well as to the College’s long-standing commitment to inter- and crossdisciplinary studies. A catalog will accompany this exhibition.

In order to expand the intellectual contours of A Throw of the Dice, Judd Hubert will curate, in collaboration with Judy Harvey Sahak ’64, the Sally Preston Swan Librarian at Scripps’ DenisonLibrary, a second exhibition at Denison Library titled A Poetic Coup d’Etat: Mallarmé’s Influence on Artists’ Books, which runs concurrently with the Clark Humanities Museum’s offering. The exhibit includes materials from Denison’s Rare Book Room that were selected for their affinity with the Mallarméan aesthetic. Presented as a pair, these exhibitions allow for a substantial reflection not only on artistic activity surrounding A Throw of the Dice but also on the lasting impact that Mallarmé’s masterpiece has had on generations of book artists throughout the 20th century and into the new millennium.

In addition, an accompanying day-long symposium, “Mallarmé’s Coup d’Etat:The Rise of the Artists’ Book Movement,” will be held January 27 on campus. Experts will discuss and debate the influence of Mallarmé’s poetry and essays on the avant-garde book of the 20th century.