Scripps-knit Blankets Comfort Kids

Babes and Blankets isn’t your typical knitting club. Instead of knitting scarves and hats for friends and relatives, Scripps students meet every other week to knit blankets, large and small, for hospitalized children.

Babes and Blankets is the Scripps branch of Project Linus, a national organization dedicated to providing handmade blankets to severely ill and traumatized children. At the end of each semester, the group sends its blankets to a local project coordinator who sends the blankets to City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center in Duarte, CA.

Since the Scripps club’s conception in 2002, members have completed more than 200 blankets. “It’s nice to know that something I can do so easily means so much to ill children,” said A’Quila Ettien ’07. At the meetings, members work on their knitting projects while watching movies. “It’s fun because you can sit around and relax with your friends while still doing something useful,” said sophomore Sara Gaynor. “I can procrastinate for two hours for a purpose!” exclaims senior Megan Murphy.

Babes and Blankets welcomes knitters at all levels of experience. Anyone can learn how to knit at the meetings. Beginners start by knitting a six row by six row square, which is eventually linked with other beginner squares to make a single large blanket. Expert knitters are welcome to experiment with larger projects and more complicated designs.

Funding for yarn and knitting needles comes primarily from the College Council and the Student Investment Fund. In addition, Babes and Blankets holds fundraisers throughout the year.

The club’s blankets were on display for the Motley Art Show in December 2004. After the show, completed blankets were sent to City of Hope.