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A Life Well Lived

"Do you know what my theme song is?" This is one of the first things Eleanor Edwards Nicholson '32 says to me as we sit in the living room of her Rancho Palos Verdes home. "Don't be afraid to take a little risk."

by Margaret Nilsson

Faculty Art Acquisitions: Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery Builds Collection

The Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery recently took a significant step forward in its goal of building its collection of art by present and past faculty. The gallery's advisory group, led by director Mary Davis MacNaughton '70, voted unanimously last fall to begin by acquiring art pieces by Albert Stewart and Nancy Macko.

Olivia “Peter” Huntsman-Trout ‘53

There was no question in Edward Huntsman-Trout's mind that his daughter Peter would attend Scripps. The famed landscape architect took his two daughters to see the campus from time to time when they were growing up.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

Rescuing Shakespeare

Most Scripps alumnae have never known a time when the eight bas-reliefs depicting scenes from Shakespeare haven't been a part of the College environment. Now, the compelling scenes, which have become an integral part of the College, are greatly in need of repair.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

Uncommon Beauty: Scripps’ Lasting Landscapes and the Getty’s Campus Heritage Initiative

In our times, landscape architecture is most often relegated to the position of the poor stepsister of architecture. By the time the roof is on, cost overruns on construction have usually decimated landscape budgets and the gardens eventually installed are but a faint shadow of what was initially proposed. Fortunately, this was not the case at Scripps.

by Eric T. Haskell


Student Perspective: Brain Trust

Being careful not to separate the cerebellum, I sliced through the dura mater with my scalpel and peeled it back to reveal the entire brain. From there I made my first sagittal cut and began to identify such structures as the thalamus and fornix. No, this is not a description of a class in medical school, but a sheep brain dissection for a cognitive neuroscience lab at Scripps College.

by Jessica Kubik '05

Post Scripps

“In Today Already Walks Tomorrow”

Rachel Carson's powerful message of hope lives on, as members of the Class of 2005 don caps and gowns this May and walk down Elm Tree Lawn.

by Sara Fingal '05

Browsing Room

Café con Leche Supports Latinas of All Backgrounds

"The word diversity is used so much, it loses its meaning," said senior Sylvia Ruiz. "We try to remind people what it means."

by Lindsey Galloway '07

I Love Malott

"It is apropos that the Elizabeth Hubert Malott Commons opened on Valentine's Day because since then it has become the heart of the campus," said director of the Commons Suzanne Zetterberg.

In the Community: Making Language and Culture Elementary

Just after recess, the sixth-graders in Ms. Fulton's class settle in for their Japanese lesson. A chorus of "Ohayoo gozaimasu!"* greets Cori Hanagami, Jennifer Lee, and Allison Yoneyama, the three Scripps sophomores who have introduced Japanese to these children at Chaparral Elementary School in Claremont.

by Margaret Nilsson

Raising Dough

Each week, a group of students from The Claremont Colleges, led by Scripps sophomore Ellie Winkelman, gathers in the kitchen of the Malott Commons to bake challah—the sweet, golden, eggy bread traditionally served on Shabbat—a day of rest and spiritual enrichment—and on Jewish holidays.

Rare Artists’ Books a Shoo-in at Denison

Created by book artist Gaza Bowen, Red Shoe Reader chronicles the female obsession with shoes through illustrations, pictures, and words. The whimsical artists' book is one of many obtained courtesy of Denison's Special Art endowed book fund, and through direct book donations to the library's collection.

Scripps-knit Blankets Comfort Kids

Babes and Blankets isn't your typical knitting club. Instead of knitting scarves and hats for friends and relatives, Scripps students meet every other week to knit blankets, large and small, for hospitalized children.

SWIM to Success

For 78 years, Scripps has been educating women so that they can achieve their highest personal and professional aspirations. Now, for the first time in its history, the College is launching an innovative executive education program for women, beginning in summer 2005.

Whither Elm Tree Lawn?

After years of study and with advice from arborists and plant pathologists, the College has made a difficult decision regarding the dying elm trees that form Scripps' historic and beloved Elm Tree Lawn. Rather than continue the policy of replacement as needed, which Scripps has followed since late 1999, the College will renew the entire landscape with contract-grown trees in five or six years.

Editor's Page

I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her* Face

I hope after you read the articles in this issue, and perhaps visit the full Blueprint online, you will gain an even great appreciation for the vision of Miss Scripps and the work of Gordon Kaufmann and Edward Huntsman-Trout.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett