A Novel Approach

by Lindsey Galloway '07

“Describe the villain’s side of the story in a popular fairy tale,” says sophomore A’Quila Ettien to the other members of Working Title, the new creative writing club at Scripps.

I proceed to write about the troubled childhood of The Little Mermaid’s Ursula; I decide that she became a sea-witch because the mer-kids made fun of her eight legs. Sophomore Lauren Sutter tackles the role of Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent, agonizing over how no one invites her to castle functions anymore. A’Quila tries to argue that Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmatians was just trying to save the community from a deadly Dalmatian virus. She swears the fur coats would have gone to charity!

Every Tuesday we pen new characters and adventures based on the different prompts that A’Quila and I have imagined and gathered from writing guides.The two of us started Working Title in response to limited creative writing opportunities; this semester, only two creative writing classes were offered among all five of The Claremont Colleges.The class at Pitzer was for Pitzer students only, and the Pomona class required a writing sample.We wanted to create an environment at Scripps where budding writers could unleash their creative powers in a laid-back atmosphere.

A’Quila and I don’t profess to be writing experts, but we hope to encourage members to develop a habit of writing regularly. During club meetings, the first half-hour or 45 minutes is spent writing, while in the last few minutes we share what we have written or the ideas that we have come up with.Though we rarely finish stories during the short meeting, the ideas are there to develop and finish later.

So far, the writing has been entertaining and often quite witty. Each writer has her own unique flair that enlivens every prompt we give her.We’ve had a story about Curious George happening upon a mysterious animal club, another about a teenage boy who gets involved in a Western-style duel on a yacht, and a story about a girl who can read the minds of animals.Turns out her dog is none-too-approving of her new boyfriend.

We hope to select every member’s best piece of writing and compile a Working Title publication that will be distributed throughout the Scripps community.