The Times They Are A-Changin’

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

In the 1960s, when the Peace Corps was a fledgling program inspired by JFK (the first one), I didn’t know personally anyone who had enlisted. The first person I heard about who famously joined the Peace Corps was Jimmy Carter’s mother, Lillian. ‘This was in 1966; she was 68 years old. While not unusual to find women doing such things today, it certainly was then. So I find it remarkable that Scripps College has had 56 alumnae in the Peace Corps since 1960; seven are serving today. Chances are that, if you are an alumna, you’ll know at least one of these women. Read about their adventures.

Closer to home, four alumnae share their career stories in this issue, as we close the popular Alumnae Speak feature “The Career Game.” Also inside: first-person accounts from two of our faculty members- Jane O’Donnell, who retired this spring as the Bessie and Cecil Frankel Professor in Music, on her years at Scripps; and Nancy Macko, professor of art, on her recent artist’s residency in Brittany.

In the fall issue of the magazine, we’ll explore the subject of women’s body image and how perceptions and misconceptions, both personal and public, affect health and fitness issues. I invite you to contribute your own thoughts to this subject through Alumnae Speak. See details below.

Best wishes for a wonderful summer,

Mary Shipp Bartlett