She Settles for No Less than MORE

To Lindsay Mejer ’06, education means more than just textbooks, papers, and classroom lectures. Particularly when it comes to actively educating people about a movement that is gaining momentum: the mixed-race experience.

Last spring, Mejer and over 500 other college students, parents, and professionals across the nation and Canada attended the 2003 National Student Conference on the Mixed Race Experience, sponsored by the MAVIN Foundation and hosted at Seattle University.The goal of the conference was to create cohesion among the mixed race/trans-racial adoptee community by creating a national coalition, identifying and supporting emerging leaders, and mobilizing the community through progressive social action. Attendees were able to share common experiences and related issues of growing up outside the “traditional” mould of ethnicity or family life.

Mejer was inspired to act. Upon her return to Claremont, she joined the Multi-Racial Organization Redefining Ethnicity (MORE), a group founded in 2000 by Scripps alumnae Marisa Reardon ’03 that seeks to support mixed race, multi-ethnic, and trans-racially adopted students at The Claremont Colleges, while educating the larger community about this faction and issues they face.

Mejer jumped at the chance to co-chair the three-day 2004 Mixed Race Experience Conference at The Claremont Colleges in late April.

Mejer’s enthusiasm for the event and her role in it is evident. “It’s going to be amazing to have hundreds of mixed race and trans-racially adopted students on our campuses for three days. My hope is that they will leave Claremont with a clearer sense of both who they are and how powerful they are. I also hope it gives students from Scripps and the other Claremonts a chance to understand what this movement is all about and how they can get involved.”

Adds Mejer:”On the whole, the national mixed race movement is very young. It is amazing to know that through this conference and the work that I do with MORE, I am helping to shape and direct this movement, bringing people together and empowering them to act.”

The 2004 National Student Conference on the Mixed Race Experience is sponsored by The Claremont Colleges and organizations that include MAVIN Foundation, the Association of Multiethnic America (AMEA), Hapas Issues Forum, Swirl, and the K&F Baxter Family Foundation.