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Two-Bit Dream

Scripps seems to naturally produce self-motivated businesswomen who are involved in a wide range of entrepreneurial endeavors.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

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“Strong in Da Struggle” creates buzz

Envisioned by Coren Cooper '04, the new Motley mural, "Strong in da Struggle," provokes campus comments.

Anonymous No More: Marsha Genensky Makes Triumphant Return to Scripps

Marsha Genensky '80 brought her virtuosic singing ensemble, Anonymous 4, to the new Garrison Theater on January 31 during the group's final tour of "American Angels."

Bucolic Claremont?

A rash of disturbing incidents, ranging from gross insensitivity to racial intolerance to a possible hoax, spread through the usually tranquil Claremont Colleges this spring semester.

Politics & IR Earns Major Draw

During my sophomore year, Professor Donald Crone convinced me to sign up for what sounded to me like the most boring, un-sexy, and unscrupulous major offered at Scripps—politics and international relations (IR). What he said, if I remember correctly, was, "This field directly relates to every issue that you have told me interests you."

by Morgan Clark '05

Senior Takes Top National Honor

Senior Stefani Crabtree of Bend, Oregon, loves to "dig in," literally. Last year, she won an Esterly Award that sent her overseas on an archaeological expedition to France, where she found an artifact that is now the basis of her senior thesis.

She Settles for No Less than MORE

To Lindsay Mejer '06, education means more than just textbooks, papers, and classroom lectures. Particularly when it comes to actively educating people about a movement that is gaining momentum: the mixed-race experience.


A Life in the Saddle

When it comes to her chosen profession, Felicia Schaps Tracy '61 doesn't horse around. Figuratively, that is.

A Vintner’s Tale

For Molly Cosgrave Chappellet '63, co-founder with husband Donn of the Chappellet Winery in St. Helena, the family vineyard on Pritchard Hill has yielded more than perfect grapes for making award-winning cabernets. It has sparked an entrepreneurial path for Molly that capitalizes on her role as chief entertainer for the winery, mixed with her eye for art.

Banishing Stress and Pain

A decade ago, Suzanne "Sudy" Dostal '69 never dreamed that one day she would be running a complimentary health care clinic in Monterey. But like so much in her life, unexpected events emerged as new opportunities—and the challenge to develop the skills to make them a success.

Blooming Business Offers Potpourri

Since she was an art major in the mid-sixties, Sharon Donnelly Sabin '67 had dreamed of pursuing her artistic talent. Then, in 1991, that chance found her—in the most unlikely of places.

Brewing Business, The Motley Way

There is something very Scrippsian here, something words alone fail to capture. Conceived and created by resolute students who sought to fill a perceived void, the Motley is driven by the values of ethics, environmentalism, activism, and politics—values that a Scripps education instills in us.

by Nicole Burkholder Walsh '99

From Casting Call to Cattle Call

When opportunity knocks, Nancy Donnell Lilly '70 opens the door. Opportunity has taken this Scripps international relations major down a variety of unforeseen career paths, from a professional dancer in San Francisco to a cattle rancher in Oregon to her current calling—growing grapes on a vineyard in Sonoma.

Grape Expectations

Third generation Scripps legacy Katie Ballou Calhoun '88 never set out to become a business owner. But to have a career involving wine? Now that's a different story.

Navigating Life’s Changes

They named their magazine Northwest Boat Travel, and for 26 years it has been a staple among boaters in the Pacific Northwest. Then, last August, Phil died unexpectedly. Aside from the devastating personal loss, Gwen Cole '61 now had to come to grips with the added challenge of taking over the business that her husband had managed.

Producing Affairs to Remember

For the past 18 years, Lynne Winslow '78 has been the driving force behind many of San Francisco's high-profile events. From the San Francisco International Film Festival to the Black and White Ball to the opening of San Francisco Airport's new international terminal in 2001, Lynne has orchestrated events to remember.

Success, on Her Own Terms

Today, Skye Hallberg is a highly sought-after marketing professional. She runs a thriving business from her home, with an office that overlooks the picturesque landscape of Napa Valley. It is a new phase in her life and her career, marking a long, fascinating—and ongoing—journey from Scripps, some three decades ago.

There’s Merit in Metaling

It's possible that Willene Van Blair Jaqua '81 runs her business with an iron fist. After all, Nimba Forge, the company she now operates with husband Russell, makes all sorts of artistic and functional items from heavy metals.

They Get “Raven” Reviews

The raven, that legendary bird, has been far from a harbinger of doom and closer to a symbol of knowledge for Pat Kehde and Mary Lou Wright. For the past 17 years, these two alums from '62 have owned and successfully operated The Raven bookstore in downtown Lawrence, Kansas.


A Lass in Scotland

Each year, a number of Scripps students venture beyond the campus to stretch themselves—personally and intellectually—in one of the College's many Off-Campus Study affiliated programs. This year, 118 students chose to study either abroad or in a domestic exchange program.

by Christina Edwards '04

Alumnae Speak

But It’s a Dry Heat: California Transplant Burns with Indecision in Phoenix

Although I should have seen it coming, the announcement in January 2003 that my job as a computer programmer for a large company was moving to Phoenix in May came as a shock.

by Virginia Less '80

Conquering Mr. Cappucino

I want to offer my gratitude to Mr. Cappuccino. While he made my life-after-Scripps a bit of a struggle as a barista at Starbucks, he offered me a completely different direction in life. Had I gotten that job, I'd be in a completely different place. Not better or worse, just different.

by Sarah Jensen '93

Desperately Seeking Self-Fulfillment: Recent Grad Dumps Profit For Nonprofit

It is harder to land a job that does not pay well than one that does.

by Mia Feldman '02

Grad Swaps Reaction For Proaction

Multiple career changes will be increasingly essential. Consider this fact: All the jobs I've held over the past eight years in the technology industry didn't exist 12 years ago, let alone when I graduated from Scripps.

by Eileen Walsh Duncan '83

Habeus Crisis: Spin Doctor Turns Legal Eagle

I also realize that there isn't one master plan, but a series of events and choices that will shape my life. It was hard to quit my job without another one waiting in the wings and scary with the economy in its current state.

by Nicole Burkholder Walsh '99

The Rules of Attraction: Alum Concedes Magnetic Draw of Scripps

My undergraduate years at Scripps shaped the course my life has taken to this day. Scripps gave me access and membership to an amazing association of alumnae—strong women who are role models for the professional-socially conscious-volunteer/mother in us all.

by Emily Rankin '93