Fashionably Fit

by Skye Wagstaff '94

When I think back on my four years at Scripps, I remember a population of either overeaters or under-eaters (the all-you-could- eat buffet in the dining hall seemed to either over-attract or repulse). I was definitely an overeater (I don’t need to elaborate on finally being out from under my skinny mother’s watchful eye). Thank heavens I swam and played water polo for CMS to burn off at least some of the four-year carb fest I celebrated! Now, I have a very healthy relationship with chocolate and carbs; I even added some protein along the way.

I haven’t stopped swimming, although I’ve cut back in order to add biking and running to train for triathlons. I want to be leaner, stronger, faster. My desire to be thin is to improve my performance; but truth be told, I wouldn’t mind looking a little better in my bikini, or jeans, for that matter. Between training and relaxing at the beach, I show a lot of skin in my free time. I could be thinner (being taller would help too), but I am strong, and solid; voluptuous with boobs, a butt, thighs, and calves that people actually ask me how to achieve (answer: genetics). I had to get over being self-conscious in a swimsuit so long ago—but buying the perfect fit is still a challenge.

I was quoted as saying “jeans and swimsuits are the hardest things to fit” in a recent newspaper article on the denim boutique I manage in Santa Barbara, CA. Being with one of the hottest stores in the country, I spent my day critiquing the butts, hips, and thighs of women and girls from 10 to 70 years old to fit them in the “perfect jean.” There is no one jean for everyone, and no one person fits into every style.

I am one of the hardest body types to fit: short, muscular, and curvy. Ever notice the athletic women you know seem to look better in their workout gear than in a dress? I am torn between a love for fashion and my sports-driven lifestyle. Some day I may just design a clothing line for women athletes. Until then, I will continue to fit women who have been nipped, tucked, and personally trained to a size 0. My butt may not look as good as theirs in jeans, but I’m pretty hot in my swimsuit and shorts running along the beach.