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A Whale of a Topic

Concerned since puberty about my weight, which fluctuates 20 lbs. or so on a 5'9" frame (depending on what diet I'm on and whether or not a school reunion beckons), I am humbled by the natural acceptance of body type and physical traits of the men and women I meet.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

Emerging from Breast Cancer a Sexier Woman

By mid January, my life changed. I had my annual mammogram, and they found a suspicious nodule. Cancer. Within weeks, I had biopsies, surgeries, and lymph nodes removed. "Body image?"Who cares? What image? I just want to be alive when this is all over!"

by Eriko Niwayama Pettersson '83

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A Gift for Health and Fitness

Sallie Tiernan Seaver Reynolds '45 swam every day during her years at Scripps. This physical conditioning was an essential part of her collegiate life. Now, thanks to Sallie's daughter, trustee Victoria Seaver Dean, and a lead gift of $3.1 million from The Seaver Institute, Scripps can proceed with plans to construct an athletic facility on campus.

Preserving History: Major Grant from Getty Supports Scripps Archives

Scripps houses an important collection of archival documents and photographs related to visual arts, landscape architecture, campus architecture, and the history of the College. Now, with a generous grant from the Getty, the College will be able to process and organize the records to best preserve them and to increase their accessibility.

Scripps Completes Blueprint for Historic Campus

Thanks to a $130,000 Campus Heritage Initiative grant from the Getty, the College now has a detailed plan for the future management of Scripps' historic buildings and landscapes.


Body Image – at 85

It is my wish that all of you may be as lucky and as healthy as I am, at 85!

by Helen Wilcox Gordon '40

Bring on the 50s!

I'm 50 years old. My jawline is beginning to soften, my hair is half silver, and sometimes my joints creak. I get annoying little whiskers here and there on my chin. I've shrunk three-quarters of an inch from my college-age height. I'll never be mistaken for the 20-year-old I used to be. And yet, I am thrilled with my body and all it has done and can do.

by Juli Bliss Kinrich '76

Truth and Consequences

The Woman placed her hands palms down on the table, as if anticipating a manicure."Look at these old things," she said."I can count 27 wrinkles between my wrist and my first knuckle."

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

Post Scripps

Becoming Me

What impact did Scripps have on me? I was born in a small, sheltered town in Michigan. My family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I attended my junior and senior years of high school. What a culture shock! And then I attended Scripps, for the school year 1943-44. I had heard of Homer, The […]

by Norma Jean Blair Gilmore '47


Faculty Perspective: My Freshman Year

The number one question I get in my field: "So why would anyone want to study that?" Lurking behind this question, however, is "You ain't ever goin' to get a job with classics." I am happy to say that this just is not true.

by David Roselli, Assistant Professor of Classics

Student Perspective: Dreams of Beer and Sausage

I met a woman with a backpack covered in patches—from Vienna, Rome, Marseilles, every city I knew in Europe, and some I didn't recognize. I was sixteen, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. That's when I decided I had to study abroad.

by Allison Ryan '05

Alumnae Speak

A More Positive Picture

I feel more than a little insecure about looking my best for my college pals.This, of course, is absurd. I'm 38, an athlete—marathon runner and swimmer—who works out almost daily. I have healthy vegetarian eating habits. I am told I look better, fitter, stronger than ever. But the facts don't matter. I need to look fantastic for my friends.

by Eve L. Connell '87

Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life

It’s important to lead your life the way you’ve been taught—eat right, think right, get good grades, practice the piano, count your blessings, love thy neighbor, keep an open mind, let go of negative feelings, or do whatever your parents taught you. Remember, too, that girls should never call boys. In addition, keep your sense […]

by Kit Mather Dailey '44

An Epiphany

In seventh grade, I would have done anything to modify my ears, especially after a boy in my English class called me Dumbo. I was devastated. It didn’t matter that these floppy ears are signs of blessing in the Chinese culture or that I have perfect pitch. What was awful was my imperfection was made […]

by Michelle Tung Kwok '98

Fashionably Fit

I am one of the hardest body types to fit: short, muscular, and curvy. Ever notice the athletic women you know seem to look better in their workout gear than in a dress? I am torn between a love for fashion and my sports-driven lifestyle.

by Skye Wagstaff '94

Healthy Life Choices

Truthfully, I would love to have an hourglass figure rather than a pear-shaped one and to be a few inches taller. But those things fade into insignificance when I contemplate how fortunate I am to be healthy and active.

by Jacqueline Thompson Marsh '52

Militant and Maternal

I have talked with enough overweight men to know this isn't exclusively a women's issue. While men suffer with self image, they do not risk automatic societal condemnation. A man, though fat, can still be powerful and successful. It is we women who receive the brunt of societal ostracism.

by Carolyn Sheets Owen-Towle '57

Skinny Women in Big Black Cars

I don't know what I see in the mirror anymore. It seems most of my life has been spent evaluating my reflection, picking apart imperfections (real and imagined), working to streamline my hips while boosting my bust line.

by Mary Waite Garvey '93

Struggling to Find Balance

Body image is a loaded subject. As I matured, it has had different meanings.

by Ursula Griese '86

The Little Girl in the Mirror

But nothing dispelled that initial gut feeling. She tried to separate herself from herself in order to think about it without reactivating the original trauma. She took to writing her memoirs in the third person. And years of therapy never unearthed its origin.

by Susan T. Wolfson '77

What’s Happening to My Body?

The shape of my body has changed quite a bit in recent months. I started noticing a difference within mere weeks of the second stripe appearing on my home pregnancy test.

by Brittany Henage '04