Three-Part Conference to Focus on Global Future of Feminist New Testament Studies

Scripps will host a tripartite conversation on the global future of feminist New Testament studies this spring, with internationally recognized religious theologians and feminist scholars, to discuss two timely questions:

“What form will global Christianity take by the mid-21st century?” and “What will be the implications of these developments for Christian feminists who arc New Testament scholars?”

Coordinated by Scripps’ Office of Religious Studies under the leadership of Professor Kathleen Wicker, the conference opens February 27 with a focus on Europe and North America. Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza, the Krister Stendahl Professor at Harvard University, will give the inaugural lecture on “The Power of the Word: Charting Feminist Biblical Studies” at 8 p.m. in Balch Auditorium. Conversations continue throughout the day on February 28. On March 28, Conversation II begins, with a focus on Asia and Latin America. Conversation III, on Africa and the Diaspora, concludes the conference on April 25.

“Because the discussion of the future of Christianity and of feminist New Testament interpretation cannot be univocal or unilateral,” said conference co-chair Professor Althea Spencer-Miller, “these conversations will include Euro-American, Asian, Latina, African/Diasporic, and Caribbean scholars. Our intention is to create a space in which diverse perspectives and particular experiences can be heard equally.”

Conversation topics will include contextual scholarship, global concerns regarding women and feminist scholars’ responses to them, and global transformations in Christianity and their potential impact on feminist New Testament scholarship.

The conference concludes with a lecture by Vincent Wimbush, professor of New Testament and Christian origins, Union Theological Seminary, and professor of religion, Claremont Graduate University. He will reflect on the implications of African diaspora lessons in radical readings of the New Testament.