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The Eternal Debate

Just when you think a subject has been talked into oblivion—it picks up new life. That's what continues to happen with the decades-old debate about career and motherhood. Can we have it all? Do we even want it all? And, can waiting too long mean we miss the boat?

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

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Aldo Casanova: A Retrospective Showcases Scripps Professor’s Art

It is not often one gets to tour a gallery with the exhibiting artist. On November 13, more than 100 students and members of the Fine Arts Foundation crowded the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery, straining their necks to get a better view of Aldo Casanova and his sculpture.

Awards to Advance Gender and Women’s Studies Program

Scripps is the recipient of two monetary awards--one from the private estate of Dorothy Cruickshank Backstrand '32, who died August 21. 2002, and one from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation--which are to be applied to the Gender and Women's Studies Program.

First Samella Lewis Scholar Named

A search committee, headed by Denise Nelson Nash '76, and consisting of faculty, staff, and alumnae had a difficult task ahead when they called for nominations for the inaugural recipient of the Samella Lewis Scholarship at Scripps College. Who could measure up to the scholarship's namesake -beloved emerita faculty member and leading African-American artist and arts educator?

Harvey and Judith Goodman Give Gift for the Meg Mathies Cell and Molecular Biology Lab

"We made a gift to the science program at Scripps because we want to encourage talented women to pursue science," said Dr. Harvey Goodman, who owns his own neurology practice in Tucson, "and we think that the W.M. Keck Scienc Center empowers women scientists."

Scripps Inaugurates Intensive Summer Program for Highschoolers

This coming June, 30 high school students will spend two weeks on campus immersed in an invigorating and exciting new program called the Summer Academy. The goal of the program, backed by seed money from the James Irvine Foundation, is to have young women from under-represented backgrounds experience first-hand what it is like to live and study at a private liberal arts college and master critical skills that will further prepare them for and ultimately succeed in higher education.

Three-Part Conference to Focus on Global Future of Feminist New Testament Studies

Scripps will host a tripartite conversation on the global future of feminist New Testament studies this spring, with internationally recognized religious theologians and feminist scholars, to discuss two timely questions.


A Lesson in Altruism

While most students spend internships learning skills to help them further their eventual career goals, Erika Linden's internships have been spent teaching skills to people in underdeveloped countries that help communities improve their living conditions.

A Wealth of Experience

Arianne Pagsisihan's 2002 summer internship earned her the quintessential Seattle experience - visiting coffeehouses, dodging raindrops, and working for Bill Gates.

Bringing Art Into the Digital Age

Of 285 internships the Getty and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission jointly offered during the summer of 2002, the one at Otis College of Art and Design caught the eye of Janice Chou '03. "I am an art major who does a little bit of everything-oil, digital arts, mixed media," she explains. "Overall, the internship was a great chance to learn and immerse myself in art."

Law and Order

Mike Bidart has a passion for consumer law-and wants to share it with the nation's best and brightest pre-law students. "So often we see the best students going into corporate law, without exposure to any other option," said Bidart, partner with Shernoff, Bidart & Darras, LLP, in Claremont, and a Scripps trustee. "I wanted them to be able to make an informed decision as to what they prefer: representing people or corporations."

NATO Intern Gets Rare View of Life Behind Military Gates

Sarah Rich walked on to the NATO military base in Mons, Belgium, last June, little did she know she was walking into a world where she'd once again be introduced to a new language and culture.

Preparing for Life After Scripps

There's classroom learning and old-fashioned book learning. There's learning that takes place in daily campus life, such as when students discuss an assignment over coffee at the Motley, or, have study sessions in their residence halls. And, increasingly, there's online learning, such as class discussions or research on the Internet.

The Artful Intern

Summer internships provide opportunities for students to learn new skills, explore career paths, and even enhance their résumés. Thanks to a combination of generosity on the part of Jane Hurley Wilson '64 and her husband, Michael, and inspiration from Mary Davis MacNaughton '70, the Wilson Internship at the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery offers so much more.

Where the Wild Things Are

Lions and tigers and bears-oh, my! For Miranda Santiago '04, her internship at the Oakland Zoo can only be described as wild.

Alumnae Speak

A Lifetime Decision

Within each of your own good heads, hearts, spirits, and bodies you hold the answer. Babies become children. Children grow up to become healthy contributing citizens as adults, (we hope). Children are a lifetime choice, a forever commitment, nothing less; a job, responsibility, and career.

by Nina Rosoff, PhD '65

Education Postponed

My Scripps education was interrupted voluntarily in 1946 not by biological circumstances but as a result of choice-a result of war and peace.

by Dorcas Cordill McCormick '49

Motherhood at 50

When I was in my 20s and should have had children, I didn't want them. When I was in my 30s and wanted them (sort of), circumstances militated against them-I didn't have the right love mate, I did have a career, I still enjoyed my freedom, etc, etc. When I finally found the man of my dreams and married him, I was 38.

by Suzy Moser '71

Ned and Yvonne Magee Blaine ‘55 Establish Endowed Merit Award

When Norfleet (Ned) and Yvonne Magee Blaine ('55) decided to make a sizable planned gift to Scripps College, their motivation came straight from the heart. "The fine people we've met at Scripps," Yvonne Blaine explains, "and the friends we've made there have truly had a lifelong effect on us. Now I want some other young women to have that opportunity."

Pampers or Palm Pilots?

Pampers or Palm Pilots? Even though the world has moved into the 21st century, this question continues to face women. It is a hard question that has no perfect answer. In many ways, whether one can have both or just one is dependent on that individual's circumstances.

Rich In Meaning and Love

Intelligent and educated Scripps grads shouldn't be susceptible to the silly suggestion that they can't have both children and success, particularly when every volume of the Bulletin is filled with examples of Scripps alums who have both and more.

by Victoria Podesta '78

She Opts For Her Career

It seems odd to me that the debate continues over a woman's right to choose between motherhood, a career, or a combination. I believe maintaining options is important.

by Ivy Grey '01

The Juggling Act

In response to the call for papers from alumnae on career or children, I started thinking about my own choices. Somewhere between guilt for not being there for the children and frustration for not being able to devote myself to a career lies the decision-making process. I chose the juggling act.

by Natasha Josefowitz, PhD '48