Scripps to Share in $2.5 Million Faculty-Focused Grant

Scripps college has been named by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to share in a single, four-year, $2.5 million grant to support faculty career enhancement. Other colleges and universities sharing these funds are DePauw, Denison, and Furman Universities, and Middlebury, Rhodes, Vassar, and Harvey Mudd Colleges. This “cluster grant,” which will be administered by DePauw University, will disburse proportionate funds to each of the institutions to be used exclusively toward growing faculty concerns about time, intellectual growth, and professional development opportunities.

Citing the reasons why such a grant is imperative, Michael Lamkin, vice president and dean of faculty, explained: “The demands on faculty members at liberal arts colleges and universities are greater than they’ve ever been—they develop new courses, revise current courses, and teach more interactively; they meet frequently with students before and after class; they engage in scholarly and creative work and other professional activities; and they must continue to increase their understanding of their disciplines and the latest pedagogical strategies.”

Lamkin, himself a professor of music, added: “This grant gives us a significant opportunity that will further enhance the careers of our faculty members and the quality of teaching and learning at both Scripps and Harvey Mudd. We feel very fortunate to be a part of this Mellon Foundation effort.”

The Mellon Foundation also made a separate $650,000 grant to each of four pairs of relatively nearby colleges to support similar but more local programs to serve these objectives. Scripps Colleges will share this grant with Harvey Mudd College.