Caps, Gowns, and a Word or Two about the “Real” World

Following are excerpts from Commencement speeches:

Molly Ivins ’66, political columnist and humorist

Go forth unafraid. Actually, given the state of the world, go forth unafraid—but probably a bit of caution would not
be out of place.

Raise hell about damned near everything….There is a world out there that needs fixing. Get out there and get after it!
Whatever you wind up doing, you will be, most of you, citizens of this country your entire life.That is a second job…and it’s a job that requires real responsibility.

You must have fun.You must work at having fun…. If you don’t have fun while you’re fighting to make a better world, what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna get tired and bitter and cynical and burned out and just wind up a complete waste to everybody.

Thank your moms and dads, and stepmoms and stepdads, and aunts and uncles, and everyone who helped get you through.

Have wonderful lives!

Nancy Y. Bekavac, President

There is a reason this ceremony is called Commencement— from the Latin root meaning to begin or initiate formally by performing the first act. And this is the first act of your formal life as a recognized intellectual, a member of the terrifyingly small proportion of women on the planet with a formal college education. You will be called upon in the years ahead to think and plan and choose, for yourself and for others.You will become the women you hope to be.We know that, and I
certify that to you today because we have seen you becoming those women here.

Jean Bixby Smith ’59, Chair of the Board of Trustees

Scripps women across all generations have always demanded more of themselves than of those around them.

Caily diPuma, Senior Speaker

This is an amazing view [while looking at the graduates and audience].

What I fail to understand about this assertion of ‘non-reality’ in college life is the assumption that women in this
place—the women I have spent four years with—have been living a life of relative ease, that their existence has been free
of real work, real decisions, real worries, and this seems to be contrary to all that I have seen.

We have experienced the full range and depth of reality here… Further, we have not experienced it alone.