Making a career out of peace building

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

The staff of the Bulletin has a not so secret asset – our eight student interns. They keep us on our toes, and perhaps most important, give us a student perspective and add enormous humor and good spirits to the office. All are excellent writers who are apt students within this informal journalism “class.” A few hope to enter an area of communication or public relations after they graduate. They have added several important articles and ideas to this issue.

We dedicate this Bulletin to the memory of Mary Wig Johnson ’35, who died on March 4 of this year. One of our interns, senior Risa Mongiello, a recipient of a Mary Wig Johnson Summer Student Research Grant last year, spoke at the campus memorial service for Mary. She said, “It is my hope to someday make a career out of peace building, and the Mary Johnson research grant helped me come to this realization. I find it quite extraordinary that a woman whom I never met left such an amazing impression on my life.”

There is much more on the life of Mary Wig Johnson and what she meant to Scripps beginning on page 12.

In this issue, we also salute Kathleen Wicker, the Mary W. Johnson and J. Stanley Johnson Professor in the Humanities, and professor of religion. She retires this spring after 32 years of teaching and transforming religious studies at Scripps, but not before organizing and putting on a stunning three-part conference on the global future of feminist New Testament scholarship, which is covered on page 18.

We also cover campus activities and comments during the war with Iraq. We went to press as the fighting had just ended, but the war and its aftermath will be a continuing concern at Scripps.

Also, in this issue we publish the final chapters in our three part series on careers and children, with two compelling alumnae submissions.

Please share your thoughts on any of the topics we’ve touched on in this or other Bulletins. We’d love to hear from you.