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Fall at Scripps

While Scripps and the other Claremont Colleges were never directly threatened, hillside fires did provide an excellent opportunity to test our emergency operational plan.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

Browsing Room

Fashionably Late

All my life I imagined my college years filled with warm sweaters, fall colors, and brick buildings. It turns out I should have been more focused on the feeling, not the façade.

by Kate Lindsay '06

Hula Loves Ya, Baby?

Many people dream of visiting Hawai'i. But Scripps juniors Shawna Behm, Kristen Hunt, Hannah Lachman, and Naomi Lord did more than dream. Inspired by a Scripps course,"Music of the Spirits," taught by Professor Hao Huang, and by his ongoing research on the relationship between Hawai'ian identity and Hawai'ian music, they applied for and received a $5,000 Mellon grant to research hula dancing in Hawai'i.

by Morgan Clarke '05

Leaders from Nation’s Top Women’s Colleges Confer at Scripps

As Scripps prepares to expand its gender and women's studies program, the College convened presidents, faculty, and students from selected women's colleges across the country to discuss the role of gender and women's studies (GWS) in liberal arts colleges, during a two-day forum this October.

Strong Women, Strong Minds

The questions I hear now are mostly academic- or roommate- related, and of course I have caught a few first-years asking upper-class women such questions as, "So, for real, what can I get away with?" In answering those questions, I refer to my co-R.A., whom we all like to call "the enforcer," and answer, "Absolutely nothing."

by Meghan Powers '04

The Week that was Orientation

In these first few days on campus, I met so many strong, intriguing, intelligent women—and this is only the beginning of my college career. I look forward to the next four years and the adventures these women and I will undoubtedly share.

by Lindsey Galloway '07


Boone Recital Hall: A Sensory Celebration

MaryLou and George Boone have made philanthropy, especially to educational causes, a key part of their lives. They have both been trustees at The Claremont Colleges— she at Scripps, he at Harvey Mudd. They also share a commitment to the arts. Thus, their involvement with the Performing Arts Center was a natural.

Bright, Light, Spacious

In Nancy Hart Glanville Jewell's family, everyone played an instrument. Hers was the piano. "I've enjoyed music all my life," she relates. She has also been an active member of the Scripps community since she graduated in 1949, and currently serves as a trustee emerita.

Lights Down, Curtains Up!

On a campus renowned for both its natural and created beauty, Scripps College has a new center for music and performance, where the intellectual merges with the sensory to produce teaching and learning at the highest level.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

Michael Deane Lamkin’s Performance Earns a Collective “Bravo!”

At the Dedication Ceremony, friends and colleagues surprised Lamkin with the announcement of the naming of the Conductor's Office in the Performing Arts Center in his honor. Jean Bixby Smith '59, chair of the Board of Trustees, in presenting a duplicate plaque to Lamkin, said, "There is no one in this room who has given more time, passion, and commitment to make the dream of a Scripps Performing Arts Center come true."

New Faculty Classically Philosophical About Starting Over

"My philosophy on life? Probably that I don't have one!" offered Dr. Rivka Weinberg, Scripps' new professor of philosophy, with a laugh.

by Christa Edwards '04, Saida Beckum '07

The Gift of Music

Katherine Tepperman Bukstein's passion for music was nurtured by her father, who filled the family home with opera and the classics and taught her to waltz at the age of 8. "He made music part of my life," she said. To mark the significance of his gift to her, Katherine has made a gift of her own: the naming of a practice room at the Performing Arts Center in his memory.

Alumnae Speak

A Zoo Story

One of my proudest accomplishments is that I have a successful career as a freelance writer, and I still love writing. Not because this gains me a lot of points at cocktail parties—it doesn't—but because of what it says about how far I've come.

by Shelly Rondeau Heller '85

Ditching the Digital Divide

I have thought of Scripps often in recent times, the place where I began my creative journey, as I begin, again. In 2000, my son Eric graduated from high school in St. Louis.The same year I lost my husband, David L. Metzler, to cancer just after our 20th anniversary.

by Linda J. Green/Metzler '67

From Big Bucks to Hard Luck

It was a blessing and curse to graduate from Scripps in 1999.The blessing was being able to leave college with a high-paying job in hand and one amazing education.The curse was the unrealistic picture I held of job security and earning potential.

by Miranda Wellman '99

Integrating Passion and Creativity

The Lois Langland Alumna-in-Residence program is an opportunity for an inspiring alumna to return to Scripps to nourish her professional self, remember good times, share ideas among past and present Scripps students, and inspire the students of today.

by Meghan Powers '04

Leap of Faith

Since early childhood, I always had two visions for my life, equally passionate and powerful. I wanted a life in the performing arts. I also wanted a life in service to God.

by Evanne Marie Christian '76

Penny Saver Leads to Penny Earner

As anyone knows who has recently tried to find a job, it is tough. When the economy is strong, job hunting is a lot of work. However, when the economy is lagging, it is a discouraging, heartbreaking, and frustrating experience.

by Adrienne Walsh '02

Straight to Video

We called it "stapler day." It was a perfect May morning in 1984 when six of the eight morning show producers at KING-TV were laid off. No warning. Just the stapler holding down the note on our chairs. It directed us to come to the conference room, one by one. I was the last one to go in.

by Ellen Lockert '68

Post Scripps

Coming Home

In that year and a half in D.C., I was acutely aware of how my actions were a testimony to my political beliefs, which took shape through participation in fund-raisers, rallies, and campaign involvement.

by Sarah Belanger '00