Staight Talk From Suze Orman

Suze Orman told a nearly packed Balch Auditorium, at noon February 23, how she moved from coffee-shop waitress to stockbroker to best-selling author and financial guru through hard work, help from friends, and a lot of trial and error. As keynote speaker for Alumnae College, Orman shared her special brand of financial straight talk, urging students to start saving for retirement at 20, and for women to take charge of their money. Everyone, she said, regardless of net worth, should establish a living trust.

In the morning, “back to class” sessions were held with members of the Scripps College Student Investment Fund, Professors of Economics Kerry Odell and Patricia Dillon, and Dana Cook Dakin ’64. In the afternoon, a panel consisting of alumnae in the field of investment and financial management gave a generational perspective on women and investment. Panelists included Elizabeth Bildsoe Bluhm ’76, senior managing director, Red Capital Group; Angelica Kusar Clark ’84, senior vice president/portfolio manager, Provident Investment Counsel; Dana Cook Dakin ’64, director, Positioning Group, Dakin Partners; Gretchen Scherschel Lee ’92, portfolio associate, Roger Engemann & Associates; Allison N.Wysocki ’99, financial analyst, JP Morgan; and Professors Odell and Dillon.