Getty Grant Helps Scripps Create a Landscape and Architectural Blueprint

The Getty Grant Program has awarded Scripps College a two-year grant to create a unified and comprehensive Landscape and Architectural Blueprint. Scripps’ grant is among the first made under the auspices of a new program at the Getty called the Campus Heritage Initiative.

Since 1984, the College has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The blueprint will focus on plantings, courtyards, fountains, allées, structures, and artworks that comprise the Scripps College campus. The centerpiece of the blueprint will be a Cultural Landscape Report, which will include a site history, statement of existing conditions, a site analysis and evaluation, and a treatment plan. The treatment plan will include recommendations concerning the rehabilitation, preservation, restoration, and maintenance of elements within the historic district, as well as recommendations for the campus’s more contemporary elements.

Scripps is working with a team of consultants on this project, including Christy Johnson McAvoy, Hon. AIACC, a national leader in historic preservation; Professor David Streatfield, the foremost expert on Edward Huntsman-Trout, Scripps’ original landscape architect; Tom Michali, preservation architect with the firm M2A; architectural historian Jennifer Minasian `92; preservation planner Frank F. Parrello; Pamela Seager, executive director of the Rancho Los Alamitos Foundation; landscape architect Robin Tyner; and certified arborist Cy Carlberg (former director of grounds at Scripps, 1988-92).

James H. Manifold, vice president and treasurer, will chair the Scripps Campus Heritage Committee, with Martha H. Keates, vice president for development and college relations, as vice chair. Other committee members include Bruce Coats, professor of art history and humanities; Eric T. Haskell, professor of French and humanities and director of the Clark Humanities Museum; Mary MacNaughton `70, professor of art history and the director of the Williamson Gallery; Bernie Osborn, director of facilities; Judy Harvey Sahak, Sally Preston Swan Librarian at Denison Library and assistant director of Libraries of The Claremont Colleges; Lola Trafecanty, director of grounds; and Carolyn Wagner `72, director of foundation and corporate relations.