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Alder Keleman: Biotechnic Detective Takes The Ultimate Field Trip

Alder Keleman's passion for ecological issues must be genetic. The biology/Latin American studies dual major and magna cum laude graduate credits her father's work with the U.S. Forest Service, as well as her mother's love of all things scientific, as the primary influences shaping her interests in biological research—as well as her impressive academic career.

Leanna Kinsey: Formula For a Renaissance Woman

There's a transformation taking place on the Scripps campus. In fact, it's been happening for the last 75 years. Some days you'll see it as a subtle shift in a student's confidence; other days it manifests as a profound change in beliefs, education, and achievements.

Sita Bhaumik: Artist, Scholar, Provocateur

Imagine a freestanding wall peppered with little slide viewers that have been drilled into its surface. Approach one of these apertures, peer in, and you'll encounter a slide of an underwear-clad paper doll in some funny or abstract situation. Laugh, but then reflect. How did get into that pose? Why is she stripped down to her underwear? Why am I on the inside peeking in?

Special Section: ManuScripps

My Racing Heart: The Passionate World of Thoroughbreds and the Track by Nan Mooney ‘92

Nan Mooney has written My Racing Heart, a beautifully researched and written non-fiction account of her life-long passion with thoroughbred horse racing, instilled and nurtured by May-May, a woman who joyously flouted feminine traditions in her various occupations—from fur trapper in Alaska to horse breeder in Seattle.

Seduction, Sin, and Happy Endings Between the Covers of Today’s Romance Novel

Stacia Deutsch '90 is a woman of many trades. She is a Scripps alumna (class of 1990), a mother of three small children, a wife, an ordained rabbi, and a romance novelist. Yes, a romance novelist. At this year's Camp Scripps, she was asked to lead a workshop on writing romance novels.

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Best Ideas

Some of our best ideas come from you. Because we are now publishing four Bulletins a year, one more issue than in the past, we need your suggestions more than ever.

From the President

Challenges and Successes

In reflecting on this past year, it is impossible to ignore the fact that the college year was shadowed by the unimaginable events of September 11.

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Commencement 2002

Members of the Class of 2002 walked through the front door of Denison Library for the first time since Orientation, accepted a long-stemmed rose offered by staff members, and passed through the traditional Ivy Chain formed by Scripps juniors. Below are excerpts from the advice they received on Commencement Day.

Diversity at Scripps: Student/Alumnae Ask Hard Questions Scripps Community Seeks Answers

Since September of last year, campus banners have heralded "Scripps at 75: Women of Voice and Vision" in honor of the College's past and present, and with a proud nod toward Scripps' future. While many students and alumnae wholeheartedly agree with this boast, some women have taken exception to a proclamation that begs the question, "Whose voice? Whose vision?"

Former Students, Colleagues, Friends Honor Meg Mathies

A new cell and molecular biology laboratory housed in the W.M. Keck Science Center will be named in honor of Meg Mathies, the Sidney J. Wienberg Jr. Professor of Natural Sciences, who retired this year after 37 years with the Joint Science Department of Scripps, Claremont Mckenna, and Pitzer Colleges. Her former students, colleagues, and friends are seeking to raise $300,000 towards this project.

Getty Grant Helps Scripps Create a Landscape and Architectural Blueprint

The Getty Grant Program has awarded Scripps College a two-year grant to create a unified and comprehensive Landscape and Architectural Blueprint. Scripps' grant is among the first made under the auspices of a new program at the Getty called the Campus Heritage Initiative.

Jane O’Donnell Appointed Bessie and Cecil Frankel Professor of Music

Professor Jane O'Donnell, a leader in the field of both music and women studies at Scripps and member of the faculty since 1975, has been appointed the first Bessie and Cecil Frankel Professor of Music.

La Semeuse Redux

Scripps is returning to its roots-literally. From an idea formally proposed and powered by Megan Ritchie '02 to the Buildings and Grounds Committee earlier in the school year, Scripps students, staff, and faculty have been busy this semester planning and planting a community garden for all to enjoy.

Performing Arts Center Opus: First Movement

"To be, or not to be—that is no longer the question," began Nancy Bekavac at the April groundbreaking ceremonies for the new Scripps College Performing Arts Center. An anonymous gift of $7 million this spring enabled the College to begin construction.

Scripps’ Own First Lady

We are honored that Ada is with us here today with her family to be part of this special convocation celebrating the College's 75th anniversary. Before I ask her to come forward for a special award, I want to share some of Ada's history during the first years of the College.

Students Win Summer Research Grants, Public Service Scholarships

Michael Deane Lamkin, vice president and dean of faculty, announced the Stanley and Mary Johnson Student Research Awards for the summer of 2002. Twelve proposals were submitted in the competition for this year's awards and three were selected.

War and Peace Stories

My Foreign Service career began in Balch Hall, September 1958, in Dr. Robert Palmer's first humanities class, with the essay on the "ethos" of Greek civilization.