Walesa Urges Quick Action, Solidarity

Lech Walesa describes the 21st century as beautiful but dangerous.

Tailoring his slated speech on “The Globalization of Democracy” for an audience steeped in recent events, Walesa firmly outlined the need for quick and determined action against what he considers a global battle and an impediment to securing economic and political unification.

Walesa’s appearance in Garrison Theater marked the inaugural Gabrielle Jungles-Winkler Lecture, an Integral new program of the European Union Center of California at Scripps College.

“Yes, a war has been declared on the United States,” boomed the former president of Poland and Nobel Laureate to the spellbound crowd at Garrison Theater on October 11. “But it has also been declared on the whole world. It will require our absolute victory, one that will equal our potential as a global community.”

“The only way to quickly and effectively dispatch this enemy is through solidarity,” Walesa continued. “American solidarity, international solidarity. And it must be accompanied by a strong–even ostentatious-military potential. Every citizen around the world should be aware of this military potential, should see it demonstrated in order to modify his or her attitude. Either we opt for life, or we opt for death, and I think we cannot go on treating things lightheartedly.”

Once again demonstrating his trademark plain-folks approach, he added that a firm spanking should be administered to the terrorists, and those who would follow them, as an effective deterrent. [Editor’s note: Walesa’s words were delivered via an interpreter; “spanking” may not fully represent the strength of his feelings.

Reiterating his earlier remarks and speaking directly to a standing room-only audience comprised of students and administrators from The Claremont Colleges, local high school students, community members, invited guests, and press, Walesa concluded with this charge: “This war requires the participation of each ofyou. The more you participate, the less blood will be shed, the less fighting will go on. We all need to show our solidarity in this solidarity with the President of the United States, solidarity among ourselves, and the solidarity established in the struggle against evil. That is why I am here, on American soil. We must not allow for this to spread; we must stand firm and be determined to bring this to an end. And in this endeavor, may God bless us all.”