Campus Gets in the Swim of New Construction

Athletic Facilities

The much-awaited new Scripps swimming pool was completed this summer on the southwest corner of Alumnae Field. The 25-meter pool includes changing rooms and a landscaped sunning area with mature date palms and two specimen coral trees. This completes the first phase of a three-phase program to develop a comprehensive recreational athletics program on the eastern edge of the campus.

The second phase, now in design development, will add a recreational athletic building of 23,000 square feet immediately to the north of the swimming pool, an on-grade student parking lot for 58 cars to the north of the building, and an NCAA women’s lacrosse field to the east of the building along Mills Avenue. One of the unique features under consideration is a parking structure below the south end of the lacrosse field. Open on three sides, it would add 74 student parking spaces to the campus, freeing up much needed space on surface streets.

Residential Facilities

With the opening of the Malott Commons in February 2000, the kitchens in the four original residence halls and the Wilbur Hall living room, dining room, and central cooking kitchen became obsolete. These areas have been renovated to meet current residential life demands. The kitchen and pantry areas of Clark and Toll Halls have been redesigned to provide five single rooms and one double room for student housing. With special care taken in retaining the original architectural designs and features of historic dining rooms, the College has converted the former Clark Hall dining room into a living room and Toll Hall dining room into a recreational room. The Browning and Dorsey Halls’ kitchen and pantry have been redesigned with seven double rooms for student housing; the original dining rooms of both halls have been preserved and are currently being used as recreational rooms.

In Wilbur, the renovation yielded student housing for 23 beds composed of one five-bed suite, two double rooms, two lofted triple rooms, and eight single rooms. In addition, a two bedroom apartment was designed for the associate dean of students, who is charged with the residential life program. The project also included a redesigned Kimberly/Wilbur courtyard and fire sprinklers for Kimberly Hall.

Garrison Theater

Another project under design is the rehabilitation of Garrison Theater, together with new construction, to accommodate the Scripps Music Department. The project calls for a recital hall flanking the west side of the theater; a music library; and faculty studios to the east. Infill in Garrison will provide for three seminar rooms, fourteen practice rooms, five offices, three music studios, and one technical lab. The Garrison Theater renovation will include a major acoustical upgrade and all new electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems.