Doing What We do Best

We originally planned to focus almost exclusively on the Core Curriculum in Interdisciplinary Humanities for this issue of the Bulletin, with a recap of fall 75th anniversary events and speakers.

Then, September 11.

And so we have changes, in almost every area of our lives. This issue now has a strong focus on Scripps’s response and individual reactions to that awful day.

Against the backdrop of of 9/11, the Scripps community heard from a world leader, top educators, writers, and experts in various fields, who shared their thoughts on “The Situation” (Molly Ivin’s term for the tragedy and its aftermath).

Life, and education, continue at Scripps College. To borrow the theme of a joke by Ellen Degeneres at the recent Emmy Awards, I can’t think of anything would bother the Taliban more that to know how well we’re educating women at Scripps. It is what we do best.

Which brings us full circle to the Core program. A focus on humanities has been at the heart of a Scripps education during its 75-year history. You’ll want to read about the current core, how it honors the past and builds the future, and how it develops in Scripps women the ability to think critically, challenge unexamined assumptions, and become women who are not afraid to innovate.

What better way to take on the world?

Mary Shipp Bartlett Mary Shipp Bartlett

P.S. This issue was produced in large part by the first three women, from left, pictured above, while this editor recovered from a hysterectomy. Many thanks to Margaret, who served as the office’s acting director, and to Kristina and Dana, for a superb job.