Science is more than academic for Academy student

In October 2007, the fires that devastated Southern California began to affect the family of a Scripps College Academy high school student in Professor Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert’s Saturday science class. When the student learned the family’s water supply was in question, she applied what she’d learned in class about different types of bacteria to analyze her home’s water supply. She discovered both the water inside and outside the house were contaminated with the bacteria E. coli. Her parents immediately bought a water filtration unit.

The enterprising student was one of several participants this year in the Science Scholars program of Scripps College Academy, formerly Scripps College Summer Academy. Since 2003, the Academy has provided young women from racially diverse and underserved areas the opportunityto experience a private liberal arts education during two weeks in the summer.

This fall, the Academy expanded to provide summer program participants with year-round access to resources they need to continue to succeed in highschool and apply to colleges. Practical application of their new knowledge—as experienced by the science student—is a welcome bonus.

In addition to the Science Scholars program, activities include college application and financial aid workshops for high school seniors; a SAT preparation course; tutoring and mentoring services; workshops and sessions with Scripps professors; regular book club meetings with Professor Melissa Coburn; writing workshops conducted by Professor Glenn Simshaw; lectures on language, politics, and economy by Professor Tony Crowley and Nancy Neiman Auerbach; and various field trips.


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